Profile of The Centre

Eradication of Drug Abuse / Drug Dependency and to promote A Drug Free Society / District Being run by the PUNJAB STATE RED CROSS BRANCH, CHANDIGARH,

1.Gurdaspur District is situated on the border of two States, i.e. Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. The geographic location of the District makes it an important and only passage for all the drugs like opium, smack, heroin, etc, from every direction across the International, as well as, the Inter-state borders through this area. As such, the critical conditions make the District a soft target towards all kind of addictions affecting not only those who handle them for trafficking, but the easy and cheaper availability of the drugs, the addiction to such substances, lavishly prey upon the natives regardless of caste, creed, color, sex, race, profession or education.

2.Drug Addiction is ruining our society and destroying the health of our citizens. Besides, the Drug Abuse has destroyed the creative power of millions of youth. Therefore, there is a need to launch a mass awareness movement to keep our youth, children and society, to stay away from this dangerous trend. Keeping this thing in view, Red Cross Drug De-addiction Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Center, Gurdaspur, organizes awareness camps in various places/Institutions of the District to spread the awareness about the ill effect of drug abuse. The ill effects of the intoxicants and other drugs are explained to the masses by the counselors and other resource persons through lectures and debates. Setting up Exhibitions on such events also help the people/young students to understand how bad the situation of the addictions is in this area and what measures they could adopt to keep them away from the clutches of deadly addiction. A Documentary film prepared by this Center is also arranged to be watched by the audience, which depicts the horrible picture of youth of this area who have fallen prey to this modern Monster. Pamphlets, booklets and other literature are also distributed among the public as another method to spread awareness towards this menace.

3.The Red Cross De-addiction Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Center, Gurdaspur, is now situated at Kahnuwan Road, Near Vil. Babbehali, Gurdaspur. The Institution came into existence in November 1991 as Red Cross Drug Counseling Center. In March 1993, it was promoted to Red Cross Drug De-addiction Center, having the facility of 30-bedded hospital for Indoor treatment of the addicts, and the Outdoor Department to provide minor or fresh addicts to be treated at their home. In April 1999, the Center was raised to 30-bedded hospital with added facility for the rehabilitation of the addicts, bearing the name the Centre is presently being known and it was likely to be upgraded to 50 beds shortly.. The De-addiction Center is being run with the meager grant-in-aid about 90% from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, and 10% of the total Expenditure is shared by Punjab State Red Cross Branch, Chandigarh. Only Rs. 7000/- is being paid as contingency per month which is too meager to run 30 bedded hospital, whereas, the number of indoor addict is always more than 50 at a time. This Center is not only treating the addicts of this District, but client from all over the Country are getting treatment from this Center, keeping in view its highest success rate as compared to other centers of India.

4.Many of the slum and village addicts are laborer who takes drugs to over come hunger, pain and fatigue. These are the farm laborers, truck-drivers and mazdoors who have to keep going for the sake of their daily wages. There are also addicts one would never suspect. For instance, girls studying in elite institutions are introduced to drugs by their boy friends. Many college and school drop-outs become part of the chain involving in selling drugs. Drug pushing is a big source of employment in many places. Almost everywhere you can have your demand for your drug of choice fulfilled even at the village karyana store, Rehriwalas and even small children as carriers of the drug peddlers and roadside Dhabas.