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Red Cross Drug De-addiction Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centre, Gurdaspur.

  1. After my retirement, I was interested to serve the humanity, who by and large, is suffering from poverty, depression, addiction, etc. Luckily I came into contact with Shri K.A.P. Sinha, IAS, who guided me to apply for the post of the Project Director, Red Cross Drug De-addiction Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centre, Gurdaspur, which was lying vacant at that time. After adopting due procedure I was appointed Project Director against this vacancy by the Secretary, Indian Red Cross Society, Punjab State Branch, Chandigarh. I joined this post on 1st July 2004.
  2. After my joining I have been able in providing facilities like Air Conditioned Wards, high power Generator Set, Hot Coffee / Tea /Soup Vending Machine, Multi-purpose Gym, well-equipped Laboratory, Computer Training such as Hardware, Networking, Software and Mobile repair training, Water Cooler, Water Purifier, and big size Fridge, and well-equipped Laboratory have been at this Centre for the benefits of the Clients.
  3. Free food is being provided to all the clients and their attendants for their comfortable stay because 99 per cent of the clients belong to economically weaker sections of the society as they came for treatment after selling all their belongings as well as of their parents.
  4. During this period, I have been able to treat 2454 clients and 10321 in OPD. Besides, we have rehabilitated 395 clients after their detoxification, in different professions after helping them to get loans from various Banks. We have treated 16 female addicts as Indoor clients even though facilities for treating females, is not available at the Centre. We have so far, organized more than 945 Awareness Camps. Besides this, during this period we have organized 52 Job Oriented Training Camps in the Centre in order to rehabilitate the addicts after their detoxification.
  5. I have been donating my salary to this Centre from June 2008 in order to continue the Rehabilitation Programmes like Software, Hardware, Networking, Mobile and PC repair, etc.
  6. It is desirous to start a “Nasha Virodhi Squad” to save people from addiction.


I have been awarded the President of India’s Silver Medal, the highest Census Medal (2004), for doing census work.

Five times I was awarded by the His Excellency the Governor of Punjab for doing excellent work in the field of child welfare activities in the capacity as Honorary Secretary, District Child Welfare Council, Gurdaspur.

Four times I have been awarded by the Governor of Punjab for my services in the field of Drug De-addiction like its prevention, treatment and rehabilitation after I took over as Project Director, Red Cross Drug De-addiction Treatment-cum-Rehabilitation Centre, Gurdaspur, being run by Punjab Red Cross Society, Chandigarh.

Besides, the following duties have also been assigned to me which I have been performing without claiming any honorarium for these works.

Project Director, NRI Sabha, District Branch, Gurdaspur.
Honorary Secretary, District Child Welfare Council, Gurdaspur.
Senior Vice President, Gurdaspur Distt. Gymnastic Association, Gurdaspur.
Joint Secretary, District Olympic Association, Gurdaspur.
President, Lions Club (Diamond), Kahnuwan.